One thing that really pisses me off is the constant push from the media, government, big businesses, etc. for people to buy more and more pharmaceutical drugs. Maybe I feel this way because I was raised in a home where more natural supplements, such as vitamins and tea, were the preferred form of medicine. Don’t get me wrong, I do recognized the benefit of modern-day medicine, but I also think that pharmaceutical drugs have created an economic powerhouse for big-business that takes this industry to unnecessary lengths. For example, I was on Yahoo! and found an article entitled “Aspirin May Reduce Cognitive Decline” by Lisa Collier Cool. This article explained the health benefits associated with taking a low-dose aspirin daily. The article gave examples of studies proving that taking a low-dose aspirin daily, especially for those who are over 70 years old, helped to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by nearly 55%, and lowered the chances of heart attacks and Cardiovascular disease in women. Now, for the majority of the general public, this article would sound like a good, scientifically sound article. However, I see the catch. This is just another one of those articles with a hidden agenda that promotes a product.

First, let me just say that I have no doubt that the scientific studies cited in the article are legitimate studies that have been peer-reviewed; the findings have also have been published in the scientific journals BMJ Open and Neurology. For some, this would be enough evidence to prove that the article contains pure truth, but they need to look further. The article is sponsored by Healthline Networks, a trustworthy, online database of health-related articles. And although the studies that the public receives from this source may be based in fact, Healthline itself seems to be less truthful. The website’s many investors are in the business of capital, tying them directly into the economy.

I rest my case. The media, big business, etc. is acting as our director so that our actions put money in their pockets. In America, our nation runs on capitol. And this means that we are going to see articles like the one I talk about here. I honestly do not think that we should be in-taking pharmaceutical drugs on a daily basis. When I am sick, I prefer the more natural approach; it seems to work. I haven’t died yet.