It is no big secret that Kate Middleton was recently photographed without her shirt on. Photographs of her breast were all that the world could talk about for a while. However, Kate is not alone. Millions of women are photographed daily, be it in malls, airports, or restaurants, by photographers who are trying to capture their private parts on film – without their consent. In a recent English article entitled, “Creepshots and Revenge Porn: How Paparazzi Culture Affects Women” by Kari Cochrane, this topic is discussed, and it really gets me heated up.

The article goes on to talk about how these pictures of women are then posted onto online forums and websites that are dedicated these kinds of shots. It is beyond disgusting if you ask me. This article, which contains very pertinent and valid information, gets me so heated at the same time because it is talking about an issue where women are being violated and no punishment is yet administered to the perpetrators. The women are the ones being seen as the bad guy, not the victim, which they clearly are! How have we not come up with a way to stop this act from happening?

How people can let others get away with violating a woman by taking a picture of her private parts without her authorization or consent is dumbfounding to me. Action needs to be taken against this sort of thing. The internet is mostly to blame as our culture has become more and more un-phased as social media sites and blogs contain numerous pictures, and pornographic images are more and more prevalent. People should be outraged at the mention of creepshots or revenge porn, but they aren’t. I do not understand how these are not being addressed.